Monday, September 8, 2014

Hoax Exposed: U.S Troops Posing As ISIS Terrorists, Tweeted By British MP George Galloway

This Astonishing Photo has just been tweeted by British MP George Galloway; it’s astonishing because it suggests that  US troops are posing as ISIS TERRORISTS…

So are there factions within the US military and government who are engaged in terrorism?

If so, it’s not difficult to see now how easily ISIS will enter into America, especially if there are those within her own military and government willing to facilitate the terror!!!

Editors Note: This has not been substantiated yet, but upon further research British MP George Galloway has a history of tweeting this type of information in the past.

Update: Upon further research it seems this is a photo shop hoax, the following link will take you to the original photo.

The original photo looks like this.

ISIS fighters drive around Mosul in vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces

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