Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Police Shoot Unarmed Man In Car, He Removes His Shirt And They SHoot Him Some More (Videos)

America is on the edge. In the video below you will see a partially aninimated video with real scenes and what was not allowed on video will be done in animated scenes. 
I am also including a link from the Free Thought Project.com  that has another video. The animated version fills in the blanks for you.
A Houston man was shot by two officers during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop after police say he began acting suspiciously.
Michael Paul Walker was sitting in the passenger side of a grey sedan Friday night in southwest Houston when the driver made an illegal lane change. Police next pulled over the car at around 9:30 p.m.
The two officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but Walker allegedly ignored repeated verbal commands from the pair and got out of the vehicle.
One officer, who says he was worried Walker was going to reach for a weapon, fired multiple shots hitting Walker’s legs and side.
The 38-year-old was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital where he remains in stable condition.
Walker has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, but police failed to specify what the drug was.
The officers who discharged their duty weapons, J. Pritchett and M. Montano, in the incident are under further investigation.

No weapon was found in Walker’s possession or inside the vehicle.

We cannot be anti cop as a society. But as a society we have to demand accountability from those who serve and protect us. People need to get involved in their communities, they need to attend city council meetings, they need to be heard when they see injustice in their communities from those who they trust to protect them.
Until the American people change their habits, why should they expect their elected officials to change their habits?

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