Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Survive A Violent Home Invasion

In a previous article we discussed how to harden your home against a home invasion and how to prepare for a home invasion.

Here, we want to cover the actual methodology of surviving a home invasion, and steps you can take to survive — and win — such a violent encounter.

 Remember: You do not have to kill or injure an attacker, or win the gunfight, or even round-house kick the bad guy. You just have to survive.

Have Gun, Don’t Have To Travel

The best gun for surviving a home invasion is the one you can reach. The snub-nose J frame you can carry on your hip is better than the AR under the bed if someone is kicking in your door.

That being said, the faster you can get to that AR, the better. Home invasions move rapidly and violently, and a good rifle can solve the problem faster and more efficiently than a handgun.


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