Thursday, September 3, 2015

Obama's Third Term: What You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

In any sane government, things would be looking pretty bleak for Hillary right about now, but not in a “Hope and Change” government.

In a government full of “Hope and Change,” someone so clearly guilty of multiple law violations is still free to go about campaigning for President, and can even remain the front runner for a political party filled with such lowlifes.

Hillary should be paraded around in an Orange jumpsuit maybe, but no more than that! This whole ordeal is yet another giant national embarrassment complements of the Democrats and the Clintons.

When it comes to the emails. there is no way the Congressional Investigatory Committee is going to release all the dirt they have on Hillary, but even in what little they have published, it is quite clear Hillary is a habitual offender.

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