Monday, August 4, 2014

Hair Raising: 25 Mysterious World Events Without Explanation (Video)

People will always seek answers, as there are many unsolved mysteries in life even though science, technology, and research have come a very long way. Although we may demand a logical explanations for these mysterious things, as of now we will have to settle with mere speculations.

Often times it is hard to believe that unsolved mysteries still exist in this day and age. Throughout the last century, humankind has made extraordinary technical advancements; however even with our amazing progress as a species there are still mysteries out there to which the solution eludes us.

 Here you will find some of the most puzzling unsolved mysteries in recorded history.

These are 22 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Ever...

22. The Taos Hum

21. Voynich Manuscript

20. Georgia Guidestones

19. The mystery of the Phaistos Disc

18. DB Cooper

17. Stonehenge

16. Tamam Shud case

15. The Shroud Of Turin

14. Subhash Chandra Bose

13. Rongorongo

12. Shepherd's Monument Inscription

11. Marfa Lights

10. The Loch Ness Monster

9. Black Dahlia Murder

8. Kryptos

7. SS Ourang Medan

6. Wow! Signal

5. Nazca Geoglyphs

4. The Lost City of Atlantis

3. The Bermuda Triangle

2. Zodiac Letters

1. Jack the Ripper

The world of mystery keeps us all on edge. Some where out there are the answers, or  maybe not? 

 Although we may expect logical explanations for these things in the future, as of now we will just have to be satisfied with our best speculations. These are the 25 greatest unsolved mysteries ever. Prepare to be puzzled.

 Which one is your favorite unsolved mystery?

 Please share your favorite unsolved mystery with us in the comment section below.

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