Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Equipping American Law Enforcement With This Much Military Equipment Is A Big Mistake" Pentagon's 1033 Program (Video)

As small town police departments turn into paramilitary forces, they use the Pentagon's 1033 program to arm their soldiers. This is a very alarming trend all across America, as we have witnessed in Ferguson Mo, many of these domestic military forces just can't wait to use their new toys.  As you will see in the videos below over 34 Billion dollars in military equipment has been dispersed across this nation since 911.

Norm Stamper is a retired Seattle police Chief, he had this to say,  "The harm for me is that it further militarizes American law enforcement," Stamper said. "We make a serious mistake, I'm convinced, in equipping domestic law enforcement, particularly in smaller, rural communities, with this much military equipment."

Ferguson raised peoples awareness that the militarization of small town domestic police forces is essentially a declaration of war against the civilian population in the United States.

These growing military style police forces forming in small communities across America are about as un-American and unconstitutional as it gets. The fact that weapons of war were used to intimidate the unarmed citizens in Ferguson Mo last week, should be a wake-up call to all communities. In all honesty this was an unconstitutional act, and is against everything America's founding fathers fought the revolution against.

The following video will give you a look at some of the equipment that has been acquired by domestic law enforcement agencies to protect you. Does this type of militarized police force make you feel safer?

Think about these questions, could this all be by design to prepare for civil unrest because our government knows it will default on the Social Welfare and Social Security programs, maybe even confiscating retirement plans and pensions?   Or is this for the coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar? 

In this heightened era of government tax and spend -- where printing more money is the Fed's only solution -- even our allies are sprinting from the dollar. The following video is a interview with Ron Paul who warns, as history proves, the final stages of a country's currency collapse happens swiftly.

In conclusion it seems obvious this government is preparing for something catastrophic in the not to distant future. People all around America can feel the tension. People from Boston, Ferguson Mo, to Los Angeles have already experienced these paramilitary forces in their towns. Many other towns From Miami to Chicago  have witness their training sessions. There is no hiding the fact America has a ever growing police state around this nation. It's time to get involved in your community affairs and ask questions, demand answers and hold elected officials accountable for their actions. 

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