Saturday, June 27, 2015

1 Million Gun Owners Thumb Noses, Violate N.Y. Gun Registration Law

One of the nation’s most ambitious gun registration schemes is a total failure, according to new statistics.

It is estimated that less than five percent of what gun control groups call “assault weapons” have been registered in New York state, more than two years after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law mandating it.

All total, 44,485 firearms by 23,847 people have been registered with the state police, The Albany Times Union reported.

The numbers were only released after attorney Paloma Capanna sued the state under the Freedom of Information Law.

State attorneys tried to block the release by claiming a database of firearms information was exempt from that law.

Even though 23,847 may sound like a lot, it is estimated that 1 million people in the state own such a firearm. That equates to a 2 percent registration rate.


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