Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Nation Of Rats: How America Became A Country Of Neighbor Vs. Neighbor

Throughout history, tyrants and oppressive regimes have used coercion and intimidation to control their populations and crush any dissent to the ruling powers.

There are only two ways that a nation under such rule can change their course and restore some semblance of freedom: disruption of the authorities from an external force, such as in the case of an invasion or war, or through a successful uprising of the people being oppressed.

Since the oppressed people in that situation have no control over the external force option, the only option left is a revolt or uprising. That leaves the tyrant or regime having to closely monitor and control the activity and speech of the people to prevent such a revolt.

The classic example of this was in Nazi Germany, where citizens were encouraged to “rat” on each other for any form of dissent.

That meant something as harmless as casually mentioning that they weren’t very fond of Der Fuhrer should be reported. Children especially were instructed to report anything done or said by parents or teachers that might seem “suspicious.”

If they did, the results were never good for the accused — guilty or not.


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