Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chinese Hackers Steal Government Data

 Chinese Hackers Steal Government Data

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Earlier this year in March, a group of Chinese hackers gained access to top secret database that houses information on federal employees – including those with top security clearances. A federal official from the US Department of Homeland Security said that an emergency response team was assigned “to assess and mitigate any risks identified.”

Fortunately, the hackers were only able to gain access to a portion of the database before Office of Personnel Management identified the information leak and sealed it. According toReuters, tensions are now higher than ever on the topic of cyber security between China and the US. A bilateral cyber security group was shut down after the US accused 5 Chinese military officials of stealing trade secrets from American companies.

Interestingly enough, Snowden had mentioned many of these security threats in his TED appearance in March. It is unclear whether his leaks could have driven hacker interest in US secrets. For those of you interested in learning more about internet security, I’ve attached the TED talk video below.

Source: Crashcade

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