Wednesday, July 9, 2014

“Collapse Is Happening Faster Now” – Bank Insider’s Financial Bombshell! Worst Depression Ever Coming And “The Death Of Money”


James Rickards talks with Alex Jones about his new book “The Death Of Money” and warns that the ‘worst depression ever’ is imminent due to the the coming collapse of the international monetary system. “This collapse is happening faster now than it was when I wrote the book” Rickards warns.

Rickards joins in at the 3 minute mark and immediately shares that while many think that a total collapse of the international monetary system may never happen, it has indeed already happened 3 times within the last 100 years, the 1st time IN 1914, 100 years ago!


Rickards shares that while the collapse may not happen tomorrow, there are plenty of warning signs now that the collapse is coming. Fortunately, Jones and Rickards also share with us how we can protect ourselves and our families for what’s inevitable and according to this bank insider, happening faster than he previously thought.

Published on Jul 9, 2014

Bank Insider James Rickards reveals the depth of the Global Banking Collapse that is about to affect billions. The Solution:


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