Monday, July 14, 2014

Savannah Ga: Cop Chasing Robbery Suspect Takes Pop Shot At Neighborhood Dog, Hits 10 years Old Boy (Video)

By Liberty Balance

Citizens are outraged, a ten year old boy in Savannah Georgia is lucky to be alive after he was shot by a police officer who was firing his gun at a neighborhood dog.  According to multiple reports, the police officer was in pursuit of a robbery suspect at the time of the indecent.  A dog crossed paths with the officer and he decided to shoot at it.

His gun shot shot missed the dog and the stray bullet struck the young Dakota Corbitt who was playing nearby.  It is still unclear as to why the officer felt the need to shoot at the dog in the first place, and there is no indication that the dog approached the officer in a threatening manner.

The innocent boy was struck in the leg. The bullet entered from the back of the knee and exited out of the front of the child’s knee
Janelle Rich, Corbitt’s sister, told reporters of the horrific experience of her brother’s attack, and said that the officer seemed to have no remorse about what he had done.

“I ran out the house with one of my kids and saw my little brother on the porch pouring blood. He [the officer] was sitting there like he didn’t have a care in the world.” Rich said.
The officers name has not been released, nor has any information about his disciplinary action.

 Dakota mother rushed out side because she heard a gun shot, she found Dakota was shot, he was then rushed to Coffee Regional Medical Center and then transferred to Savannah Memorial Hospital where he was held for several hours for surgery
The family waited in the hospital all night thinking that their son would need surgery.  Luckily, hours later after lengthy examinations, they were told that the boy would not need surgery because no vital arteries were hit by the bullet.  The full extent of the wound is unknown, and it is likely that the child will be traumatized for his entire life.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called to investigate the shooting, however since that is just another state institution it is doubtful that the family will see any justice.

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