Wednesday, July 9, 2014

X22Report Is The FED Signaling When The Economic Collapse Will Occur? – Episode 411

Published on Jul 9, 2014
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Report date: 7.09.2014

Paris wants to tax unused office space which they say would help the housing
market. Portugal’s largest bank misses a bond payment. Consumer credit
is declining, spending is declining, companies earnings are declining
the collapse is approaching. FED signals an exit plan by October. It
seems collapses always occur in October.

 More global firms are using the renminbi and yuan for trade. 1 in 3 people have a RFID implanted in
their dental work and they don’t even know it. Big Banks want to declare
cyber war. ISIL captures a so called chemical weapons facility even
though Iraq has no WMD.

Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report and
they are used as a representation of the subject matter. 

The representative artwork included with these videos shall not be construed
as the actual events that are taking place.

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