Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mindblowing “Fade to Black” Video is Nyjah’s Best

Mindblowing “Fade to Black” Video is Nyjah’s Best

Nyjah Huston coming out the gates with BANGIN’ part in DC shoes “Fade to Black” skate video. He never suffers from under-ratings, but I admit, I was surprised.
Nyjah displays an array of stellar combos on numerous stair-sets and monster handrails, and even when the dude hits a marble floor from atop a handrail running along side an indoor escalator in some mall, he makes rolling out of it look easy. #NyjahHustonFadeToBlack

Speaking of hits, this video has 830,000 of them. A live music video from some mediocre show Metallica played, and recorded the song “Fade to Black,” got more than 32 million.

I suspect his sick combinations were inspired, at least in part,  by that 20 year old Metallica song  that DC chose to run for him. Whatever the inspiration was, Nyjah showed the skaters of America, I’ll go ahead and say it—the world how to excel beyond belief.
Just so you understand the phenom featured in this article, I grabbed the first paragraph of the dude’s bio from Nyjah’s official website:
Nyjah Huston is an American street skater who has pushed his way to the top and continues to push the limits of what is possible on a skateboard. Since learning to skate at the young age of 5, Nyjah continues to eat, live, and breathe skateboarding to this day. He has had all eyes on him since he burst onto the skate scene at the young age of 9 and won the legendary Tampa Am event at only 10 years old. By the age of 11, Nyjah had become the youngest ever X Games competitor. He then went on to earn multiple X Games gold medals and Street League Championship titles. Nyjah’s consistency and distinguished skills make him the one to beat as he relentlessly skates his way to the top of world-class skateboard competitions.
Opposite his write up, Nyjah stands covering one eye with a hand attached to a forearm tattooed with the word Ambition. In my opinion, Nyjah has created the epitome of pro clips, really raising the bar for the other pros making short five to six minute clips.

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