Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sandy Hook “massacre” Did Not Happen — One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against The Mainstream Media For Committing Fraud And Terrorism

Vatic Note: This is up to show us just how widespread and prevalent these false flags are becoming, its called “terrorism” and there are laws on the books for such criminal acts.  We need to start seeing some prosecutions of those involved, including the press.  Look how many we have had both before and after Sandy Hook, which was the most elaborate production by professional movie moguls.
A script had to have been written, as well as actors hired, and cameramen and others in on the entire operation.  That means multiple criminal charges should be forthcoming on multiple players in this farce as well as other such false flags.  Its time for the law enforcement, the judges and the judicial system to get back to working again, or resign from your positions before you are then arrested for treason which is a much more serious offence than terrorism.  Citizens arrests are legitimate and possible.
While many of us had already blogged about the different faux paus the Khazars made in doing this false flag, this one is especially good for us to see.  It also keeps reminding us about how many of these have been done to try and manipulate us into a variety of agendas…..  
1. Giving up our guns and ammo, which, NOW, will never happen, and
2.  Revolt against our government, which we won't do, like you were able to make the Russians do in 1917, since its not to our advantage, rather,
3.  Watch the video below, its surprisingly good.  I knew about most of the other evidences we have, but I did not know about these videos and the dramatic difference between the report and the videos that prove the report was falsified.  That means cops are at risk as well. 

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