Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How To Cross Rivers Safely | Survival

How To Cross Rivers Safely | Survival:  

How To Cross Rivers Safely

A common occurrence for outdoors enthusiasts (hikers for example) and one of the most dangerous obstacles that you can run into is river crossing when there’s no bridge available.
Truth be told, there are only a few things I can think of (like a Knight X5 for example) that can compete with the beauty of a mountain stream that flows majestically through the deep forest. This type of scenery is the salt and pepper of every outdoors enthusiast.
But, just because it’s a thing of beauty doesn’t mean that it’s harmless (the same applies to Ferraris).
You must be aware of the fact that knowing how to cross a river is an essential skill to master. It’s actually a critical one if you’re a hiker.
Quick fact: more people are killed every year in the US during attempted river crossings than are killed by snake bites. Drowning is usually the main cause of death, making for 37% of casualties.
How to cross rivers safely

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