Monday, April 20, 2015

Feds Push For Total Control Of Property Rights: “Government Is Named As The Owner Of All The Water” 

This is a “rush” article submitted at the 11th hour of the battle Montanans are fighting to keep their water rights intact.  The average citizen is trying to defend against the onslaughts of the Agenda 21-funded, oligarch-driven EPA (pushing the CSKT water compact) and the Federal Government.  The battle is almost over and it doesn’t look good about one minute to midnight.  This battle is Montana’s “Alamo” of water rights and it is very important for all of us: a loss for Montanans and a win for the Federal Government will set a nationwide precedent.

If the Federal Government and its lackeys win, the Iron Bell of tyranny will ring, and those reverberations will be felt throughout the U.S.  The feds will have established through state legislation an EPA measure as a means that can be turned around and employed nationally.  Taking the communist “social justice” platform and using Native Americans as the tools in the “downtrodden and protected class” role, the feds will inculcate a foothold into private property rights.  With a win, the federal government will have a new technique to leverage citizens away from their individual and family private property rights.


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