Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mainstream Media Versus Alternative Media. Who’s Better? | Lisa Haven News

Mainstream Media Versus Alternative Media. Who’s Better? | Lisa Haven News:

Mainstream Media Versus Alternative Media. Who’s Better?

For far to long the horrors of mainstream media sites link CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and other national TV news sites have been misleading the public by spreading half truths and straight up lies. In fact the public has been aware of it for quite some time and t’s high time we start taking media into our own hands and start focusing on alternative media that is not bought and paid for by government bureaucrats running our  country to the ground.

Are usually smaller in size and in many cases are polarized towards conservative and liberal perspectives. They are also found online, on the radio, in the paper, and other publication to a lesser extent on Television. They usually have less funding and smaller budgets.
It is composed of an alternative public world, a world of protest and political dialogue that has an oppositional role and improves democracy. If there’s no resistance there is no democracy.
The diagram below displays an example of what you will find on each media outlet, neither are limited to these things:

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