Friday, April 10, 2015

The Hegelian Principle: Secrets Reveled How the Powerful Got That Way (Video)

How did the powerful acquire power over the rest of us? In a period when the power and freedom of the average American is simply being eroded at fantastic speed, many of us question how this could be happening.

What we may not understand it that the powerful have particular tools or concepts to use to disadvantage the rest of us into giving up our power to them.

One of the most successful principles used in the last several years with great results is the Hegelian Principle.

The theory is simple, composed of only three actions toward a preconceived goal.

Once you are ready to see how it works, you may want to examine many of the events unfolding around you in terms of this theory. As the theory is often used today, it can be explained as:

Step 1: Generate a problem or conflict – Calculate a issue that exists and build it up out of proportion to its actual importance, or create a issue or conflict where none was around before.

Step 2: Promote the issue and create resistance to it – Brutally place reports about this problem in the major media outlets. Report on it daily until it becomes a constant drumbeat and a truism for the public who then begin jockeying for a solution to this problem.

Step 3: Offer a remedy – The best remedies are those that appeal to the feelings of the public and make them think something truly good is being done for them, when in fact, something really terrible is being done to them. This remedy is one that the public never knew it required until the conditioning of Step Two was effectively completed.

A easy example of this Hegelian Principle at work was the food industries’ conning of the public to toss out their butter and run to buy margarine. It goes like this: More Here....

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