Friday, April 17, 2015

Putin Wants Neither Russian Empire Nor Army Of Clones: Q&A Highlights 

TND Editor’s Note:  Respect Putin or hate him, there’s one fact that can not be denied.  There’s no way on earth President Obama would ever dare hold a 4+ hour long unscripted Q&A news conference.  Violating scores of campaign pledges including his promise to be the most transparent president in history, Obama and his handlers have been cracking down on White House press conferences, demanding that questions be submitted in advance, while strictly limiting access to reporters that will behave for the reward of amicable relations.  Recently, there has even been talk of doing away with press conferences altogether and simply presenting “information” videos and video statements.  As America’s problems and challenges compound, our “leaders” are adopting a strategy of baffling the masses with bullsh*t.


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