Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Tens of Millions of Americans

The pieces of Jade Helm are falling into place. Previous articles have documented the enforcement of dissident extraction exercises. 
This article establishes the fact that the government is hiring people who can walk up to 18 miles per day and work part-time for the DoD while transporting Americans to makeshift FEMA camps
Why part-time? Because the position terminates when the detainees reach their final destination.
Surveillance Role Players             
Location:  Phoenix, AZ
Travel:  CONUS/Approximately 50%
Job Description:5
We have an exciting opportunity for Surveillance Role Players (SRP) in the Phoenix, AZ area. SRPs will provide surveillance role player services to the Department of Defense. For this position, EKS is looking for part-time personnel to play a vital role in assisting with this security related training. All candidates irrespective of qualification level or prior background will be evaluated for their ability/suitability to provide surveillance role playing that results in fully trained DOD professionals.  Candidate will operate as a member of a surveillance team conducting static, foot, vehicle and/or multi-mode surveillance of personnel in urban and rural environments and under all weather conditions.  Candidate will record and maintain appropriate vehicle and surveillance logs in accordance with EKS techniques and procedures.  This position is part time as needed.
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