Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is Government Preparing For Martial Law 

I know for the last couple of years we have seen and heard reports of Martial law preparations, and that martial law was coming soon. The way it looks now is, martial law is right at our doorstep. They are definitely preparing for something huge to happen, the latest are reports of trains loaded with tanks and heavy military equipment heading north from Denver, so it’s for domestic use here in the US. Why the need for all of this equipment and the scary amounts of ammo purchased by DHS. There are also reports of this type of military activity all across the country. This could be our worst nightmare we have ever faced, and all the signs are there, plain as day for all to see.

According to –  A friend and colleague of mine was chatting with a business acquaintance last week.  The acquaintance had been stopped at a train crossing.  What he described was a bit of shock: the train itself was at least a mile long;  every train car was loaded with military police equipment, including dozens of tanks and vehicles – all kinds of artillery;  based on the markings on the equipment, it appeared as if the equipment belonged to the Dept of Homeland Security;  the train was headed north.


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