Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bundy Wages New War Against Federal Control Of Land 

Almost a year ago, the Bundy name was thrust into the spot light because of their fight against a somewhat shady land grab attempt by the Bureau of Land Management in the state of Nevada..A year ago, a federal land grab being imposed under the guise of environmental protection in Southern Nevada. The federal government’s monopoly on land in the West is profoundly unfair and grossly inefficient.
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  1. Looks like another Bundy showdown is coming on April 10th, 11th, and 12th.

    Hopefully Americans will unite and stand for the constitution.

    1. This is why it is vital for everyone to learn their rights.

      The founding Fathers were aware this sort of tyrannical land grabs would occur and put measures into the 10th Amendment to keep it at bay.

      The issue of power – and especially the great potential for a power struggle between the federal and the state governments – was extremely important to the America’s founders. They deeply distrusted government power, and their goal was to prevent the growth of the type of government that the British has exercised over the colonies.