Friday, April 10, 2015

New Poll: 66% Believe Unborn Are People; 76% Believe Attack Killing Unborn Is Murder 

Two-thirds of Americans believe that babies in the womb are people; and 76 percent believe if babies are killed in the womb, due to an attack on the mother, the perpetrator should be guilty of murder.

These are two of the findings of a new poll by YouGov released this week. Views concerning life in the womb varied by party, with 56 percent of Democrats believing the unborn are people while 80 percent of Republicans do. Only 16 percent think that babies in the womb are not people.

Additionally, 52 percent say that life begins at conception, with an additional 20 percent saying it starts when the baby is able to survive outside the womb. Just 18 percent thought that life begins when the baby is born.


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