Sunday, May 17, 2015

Congresswoman Norton Blurts Out The Shocking Truth 

If you were paying attention, you know the governor of Texas has so little faith the Obama administration is capable of telling the truth, that he called out the Texas state national guard to keep a very close eye on all the jay helm martial law training going on in his back yard.

If you read any of the links I provide throughout this article, at the end, or have been actually reading more than headlines for the last three years, then none of this should even remotely shock you.

 Not martial law, not FEMA camps, and not the economic collapse…

It’s never been “if,” just, “when!!” listen to these famous men:

Trump tells Americans to prepare for financial ruin

George Soros bets $1.3 billion u.S. Stocks will crash!

Buffett predicts major collapse from failing banks & derivatives


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