Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fox News’ Kate Dalley Interviews Dave Hodges About New Jade Helm Developments 

On May 15th, I made a return appearance on Kate Dalley’s show which airs in Utah on Fox New station, KZNU. During the course of the interview, my landline phone went dead twice, the last time I was off the air for 10 minutes of the scheduled 40 minute interview.

Kate’s co-host Dave Doddridge attempted to email me with an alternative number and he attempted to call me on my cell phone.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of these attempts to restore contact because as I discovered my internet and my cell phone service was disabled until sometime after midnight on May 16. Of course, this is just a coincidence and the NSA, now headquartered in Utah had nothing to do with these happenings.

Nevertheless, the interview does contain some important information about Jade Helm and related events.


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