Saturday, May 16, 2015

Theft By Lawful Taking: The End Of Liberty 

True story.  Jason posted his aluminum, flat bottom fishing boat and a sturdy trailer on Craigslist.  Within a couple of days, he got a call from a buyer in the city of  Raleigh, about three hours away and made the arrangements to drive it there to make the sale.

On the day of sale, the buyer counted out $5,500 in cash, Jason signed the title over, and he happily collected his Bill of Sale.  He didn’t fish much since the birth of his first son and wanted this money to remodeling his bonus room into a kid’s playroom.  He and his wife had discussed the ideas for nearly six months, and both agreed that the driveway would look so much better without the olive camouflaged boat.

That is, until he reached a checkpoint at the freeway on ramp.  “License and registration, please,” said the officer.  Jason complied, now really in a good mood in anticipation of making his first trip to Lowe’s for the building materials.  His previous job as a carpenter would come in handy, and it would really feel good to get some sawdust in his hair, he thought.


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