Friday, May 15, 2015

The Mob-Acracy Of The Left Taking Over America’s First Amendment 

Freedom of speech is dying a slow death as a result of the mob-acracy forming here in the United Sates. When do we take our country back? The mob-acracy is being fueled by the Obama administration, the mainstream the media, and just about every leftist special interest group that keeps pouring gasoline all over the fires to keep the flames of envy, hatred, and violence burning bright for those who dare cross them!

The United States was founded as a republic, not a democracy, no matter how much Barrack Obama wants to insist we live in a democracy. As the title of the article implies, the difference is not an idle one. “let me be clear,” democracy is what ol’ Barry wants to be sure.

Why? Democracy often goes by a less flattering nickname which is better explained in the text below: a mob-acracy. Whatever the mob wants, the mob gets in a pure democracy. Our founders were careful to avoid establishing the united states as such. They certainly tried to avoid what we have become, which is neither a constitutional republic, nor a democracy, but rather an oligarchy… but that’s a whole different discussion.


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