Monday, May 4, 2015

Conflicting Reports: Baltimore Police Shoot A Protester In The Back, Tensions Rise, (Video)

Baltimore Police Just Shot A Protester In The Back, Tensions Rise (Video)

There was a live Ustream Feed that has been taken down. Was this another police shooting, or another cover-up?
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Twitter came alive as the scene played out, see the tweets below.

The video above shows the aftermath of what witnesses on the scene are reporting as an officer shooting a man in the back. Carlos Miller, of, broke the story saying:
Baltimore police shot a man in the back before pepper spraying a crowd of witnesses, who began complaining that police were leaving the man to die.
The incident took place at 2:45 p.m., less than 30 minutes ago as of this writing, so details are sketchy, but a video recorded by PINAC correspondent Alex Salazar, who is on the scene, was uploaded to Facebook showing cops chasing people away as several people say they just shot a man in the back.
Another video posted to Twitter from another videographer from another location near the scene shows a similar scenario, but so far, nothing has surfaced showing the shooting or the victim, but that might only be a matter of time.
Both videos are below. We will be updating this article as details continue to surface.
Fox News reported the following:

Now Fox is reporting that the man was not shot, and they didn't see anything.

More photographs from the scene are beginning to appear on Twitter:

Reports say Baltimore Police just shot a man in the back, Baltimore Police say otherwise

Police shoot man in n the back in Baltimore, they are already lying about it.

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