Sunday, May 17, 2015

Snyder Texas Military Train Convoy 

There seems to be a whole lot of this going on lately. There's nothing to worry about? yeah right, it’s just a bunch of military battle equipment and tanks being transported in various locations in the US, to be used on the American people?!

 If an evil Government ever wanted to wipe out it’s own citizens,  like numerous Governments have done in times past, this would be how to go about it. Get everything needed into place, keep promising them this is just another one of those crazy conspiracies.

Then pull a false flag or crash the economy. Then they come for us, and who the hell is going to stop them. Are you going to be able to stop a tank or an MRAP?  Two or three times now I have seen stories come through BIN saying that Jade Helm is a similar trick Hitler used.

Now would be the time to stock up on guns and ammo while you still can!  Video by Stacy white,  on Sat may 16 train headed east beside highway 84 loaded with U.S. army equipment….and a bonus of an 18 wheeler headed west with an APC. Anyone know whats up with the # 13 on the doors of the Humvee?


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