Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obama's Martial Law Plans Go 'Mainstream' in the Washington Times | Politics

Obama's Martial Law Plans Go 'Mainstream' in the Washington Times | Politics:

Obama’s Martial Law Plans Go ‘Mainstream’ in the Washington Times

When referring to the massive military operation taking place across the country REFERRED TO BY THE PENTAGON AS “OPERATION JADE HELM 15,” if I only had a dollar for each time someone said something like, “If our military was REALLY training MARTIAL LAW, then the media would surely be covering it,” I’d have enough dollars to wipe out the federal deficit. For a while, my response was the same: “the fact that the media is NOT covering it is precisely how you know they ARE training for MARTIAL LAW!” I’m not sure if the majority of those in the mainstream media can even spell “Journalistic Integrity,” much less exercise any. It’s pathetic its taken THISlong to come out in the mainstream. A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS ALREADY COME OUT SPEAKING ABOUT OBAMA’S MARTIAL LAW PLANS, The current GOVERNOR OF TEXAS CALLED OUT THE STATE NATIONAL GUARD TO MONITOR THE “EXERCISES” IN TEXAS, and a SITTING CONGRESSMAN WENT PUBLIC ABOUT WHY THE COUNTRY SHOULD FEAR THE JADE HELM “TRAINING.”

Anyway, when FOX NEWS FINALLY COVERED JADE HELM, I thought that was a step in the right direction, even though I wouldn’t say I agreed with the manner in which they covered it. The piece below from the WASHINGTONTIMES.COM is a SCATHING article about the constitutional abuses taking place under Obama, and specifically about his plans to implement MARTIAL LAW. It appears some of these media outlets have journalist that realize at some point VERY SOON, life as we all know it is going to change, and and at least SOME journalists are waking up to the fact that what is coming is of NO benefit to them, so NOW they are willing to begin reporting it. Let’s pray it’s not too little too late. 
Police Shooting Missouri

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