Sunday, May 17, 2015

President Psycho – The Hidden Story Of Barack Obama

Here is the reader’s digest version first:

Barack Obama is the product of generations of severe psychological dysfunction. The neurotic manifestations rooted in both sides of his family tree include - suicide, abandonment of children, multiple relocations, polygamy, rejection, divorce, bullying, drug & alcohol abuse, homosexuality, transsexualism, and communist subversion.

To cope with the pain and low self esteem of childhood trauma, the ego creates a false superman. We clearly see the narcissistic personality disorder manifested in the anti social behavior of grandpa Durham (naming a daughter after himself, joining the communist party), Stanley Ann Durham (posing for pornographic photos, having sex with older black men, dumping her child), Barack Sr. (secretly keeping two families at the same time, driving drunk), nanny Evie (dressing up as a woman, engaging in homosexual prostitution) frank Marshall Davis (joining the communist party, boasting of sexual perversion)..

This is why Obama himself is so arrogant, so conceited, so callous, so sensitive to criticism, so dishonest, so immoral, so vindictive, so cold, so cruel, and so dangerous. Like the Frankenstein monster of Mary Shelley's classic novel, Obama is seething with rage at the society which he blames for the pain of his dysfunctional childhood. Apart altogether from his flawed Marxist ideology and his manifest incompetence, Obama is a ruthless


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