Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Obama & Crime Inc. Should Be Indicted On Conspiracy To Commit Murder

“We just got a preview of what can happen on Saturday night.”

“If this is how people will act when economic conditions are still relatively stable in this country, what in the world is going to happen when things really start falling apart.”

Beware, history is repeating itself…

But you have to know the facts!!!

I’ll repackage this information as many ways as i have to, just to get the information out there. like anything in news, it’s all about the right headline… or people skip past it. it’s sad, many people won’t click on a “seemingly” politically incorrect article. look, there is nothing politically incorrect about what i have been trying to get out there. what is politically incorrect is the usurper in the white house who will succeed in turning this country on itself for his own benefit.


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